A Look Back

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First we have to thank you, our customer for making it our first “year” in business. Without customers there is no business 🙂


And now let’s look back to our first 5 months in the molecule business:

Number of failed or canceled orders: 10

Broken molecules (by the shipping companies): 3

Refunds issued: just 1 (yey!)

Late or messed up orders: 4 (blaming this one to the couriers as well)

Money spent on advertising: $0 (see here why we don’t do adds)

Charged for shipping: $415.84

Countries shipped to: 16 (wow, you are very international!)

5 star reviews: 15 (thank you very much!)

Items sold: 189

Most sold molecule and chemistry products were:

  1. with 28 orders: our DNA double helix ring
  2. with 23 orders: our serotonin molecule necklace (flat)
  3. with 16 orders: our serotonin molecule ring
  4. with both 14 orders: our dopamine molecule ring & caffeine molecule necklace 
  5. with both 10 orders: our dopamine molecule necklace (flat) and our periodic table of elements towel.

Most sold molecule:  42 serotonin molecules were sold. Perfect number by the way.

Our most sold t-shirt: Lab stuff t-shirt (just 3, you defenitely need to buy more t-shirts! 😉 )

Top earner: Serotonin molecule necklace 3D with a whopping $570 in revenue! Followed by $357.50 for our DNA rings. A good 3rd place takes our beloved periodic table leggings with $319 in sales.

We have given away $75.20 in coupons.

Total revenue: $5040

Total expenses: $4258 (including one short term salary for packing stuff of $120)

Total gains (my salary): $782

I am very happy we have made some money! That’s why even though we did not make any profit yet, we would like to give away $100 of my “salary” to an institution or project that helps in the education of future chemists or scientists.

We will collect a few ideas and then have a vote. Either leave a comment or send us an email (2017@moleculestore.com) if you know a great project! Also tell your friends about us, so we can continue to make awesome molecule and chemistry things and help little scientists and chemists around the world 🙂

Thank you again, being able to send you beautiful molecules and chemistry gives us much oxytocin 🙂

Happy Chemistry



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