Big News and Cyber Weekend

We’ve got some new products and add-ons you should check out! Oh, and a big CYBERWEEKEND promo on the bottom of this text. Or hidden somewhere in between 😉

  1. We’ve got chains you can now add to our 3D printed molecule pendants. Not like carbon chains, but real ones! We are very excited about this. Check them out here.
  2. Get ready to build some beautiful molecules with our new organic chemistry molecular model set with 158 parts. It’s only $25 with free worldwide shipping. You can order it here. #stereochemistry
  3. New adrenaline molecule snapback hat. Perfect for adrenaline junkies. You can find it here.
  4. Periodic table of elements yoga leggings. Enough said. Get them here.
  5. Last but not least: neurotransmitter molecule socks. Socks with 14 neurotransmitters. Buy them here.


What else, do you ask?

Most of our products need time to get made once you order them. That’s why we’ve created some lists with order deadlines, so you order will arrive before the holidays! See the list here.

One thing that will always arrive in time for the holidays, and is in our opinion the best chemistry / molecule gift anyways: Molecule Store Gift Cards
You can choose the amount, they never expire and do not disappoint with a wrong molecule or late arrival. Get some.

I think that’s all we have to tell you. Oh ok, CYBER WEEKEND PROMO coming up: get free shipping on EVERY order over $25! Starting now, ending Cyber Monday.  Use coupon code: CYBER


With that, we wish you a great week and chemical holidays!
Happy Chemistry
Simon (Minister of Chemistry)




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