Chemical Updates

We have many new products at!

  1. A whole range of new 3D printed nylon molecules. They are cheap and durable. At the moment we have 12 molecule models available if you need one that is not on the list, just ask for it. Check them out here.
  2. Gift cards. This is great, especially for the holiday season. No need to know the favorite molecule jewelry of the gifted, just buy a gift card. Also nice if our production time would be too long for the gift to arrive in time for the occasion! You can buy them here.
  3. Some Marie Curie t-shirts and posters! Find in our new “chemists” category here.
  4. A 3D printed benzene ring molecule ring. ⌬ The only ring that actually makes sense 🙂 Find it here. ⌬ 


What else, do you ask?

We are in need of some reviews! So if you have already ordered from the Molecule Store and like the product, then please leave a review now! Thank you from the bottom of our small chemical hearts 🙂

With that, we wish you a great week!
Happy Chemistry
Simon (Minister of Chemistry)


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