Chemistrees for Everyone

Chemistree feed at the Molecule Store

We are celebrating the holidays with 12 days of chemistrees at the Molecule Store on Instagram. Send us your chemistree there to get featured! And don’t forget to follow us @moleculestore! We are also constantly posting our newest and most beautiful chemistry products, like molecule necklaces and chemistry t-shirts. When you follow us there you will be able to win chemistry things and be the first to hear about our promos. Our top post is our beloved periodic table of elements beach towel followed by our 3d printed oxytocin molecule necklace. If you are looking for a present you will be a little late for the holidays, but you can always order our gift cards. This way you can gift a nerdy science chemistry gift without having to wait for it to arrive!

Our other Instagram profile @ministryofchemistry is also worth a follow. We post a new molecule every day! We love it when you suggest a molecule, just write us on Instagram 🙂 Our top post at the moment is the molecule taurine followed by propane.

Have a Merry Chemistree everyone!





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