Dopamine Molecule Jewelry


Dopamine is one of the molecules we sell the most. What is it, that makes this molecule so beloved?

Dopamine (sometimes abbreviated DA) is a catecholamine neurotransmitter present in a wide variety of animals, including both vertebrates and invertebrates. Dopamine has many functions in the brain, including important roles in behavior and cognition, voluntary movement, motivation, punishment and reward, inhibition of prolactin production (involved in lactation and sexual gratification), sleep, mood, attention, working memory, and learning. It means dopamine is essential for our well being and happiness, no wonder you are all loving this small and motivated molecule 😉

We have many pieces of dopamine jewelry at the Molecule Store.

Our most beloved one is the 3d printed dopamine necklace. This beautiful and stereochemically correct molecule is available in many materials, ranging from rose gold to sterling silver. It is 3D printed on demand and made in New York USA 🇺🇸¸ or Eindhoven NL 🇳🇱 (the one closest to you). Learn more about how we make our products here.

If you want something cheaper, we’ve also got a flat dopamine molecule necklace silver plated. The same style is also available as a beautiful dopamine ring, in both silver and gold.

We also have dopamine on t-shirts, socks, plastic model and keychain. You can find them all here.

Why do you like dopamine?



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