Make Molecules Great Again

As we have written before, we really want to make molecules great again. This is why we donate 50% of our profits to science and education projects. As we did not make any profits for 2017 we still wanted to give something. That’s why we decided to give CHF 100 of our own pockets to CO-OPERAID.

CO-OPERAID is committed to providing a better future for children, young people, and their families. Education enables people to take their lives into their own hands – as responsible, self-determined citizens. This is why CO-OPERAID is committed to ensuring that children’s right to education becomes a reality. They are a non-profit, politically and confessionally independent, humanitarian Swiss association with its headquarters in Zurich. The association has carried the ZEWO seal of approval for charitable organizations since 1998.

So go shop the many new products at the Molecule Store that we can do good next year, too. 😉

Here come the new products:

We’ve made a funny not so funny “make molecules great again” cap. Made in America, of course. Buy it and make molecules great again!

Then we’ve added a new 3d printed molecule pendant: caffeine.

And we’ve made some new t-shirts:

    1. Fuck bitches get money elements t-shirt – a great nerdy riddle! You will need this if you like BIGGIE.
    2. “Don’t trust atoms, they make up everything!” t-shirt. This design is also available on a hoodie!
    3. and last but not least our Bunsen You Are The Burner t-shirt. An old classic.

The new product we are the proudest of are our serotonin ear climbers. Those are our favorite earrings, we are certain you will love them too! A really beautiful statement of happiness in molecular form. 🙂
The serotonin molecules can be worn as ear climbers or drop earrings.

Let’s end this post with a good old chemistry joke.

Why do chemists enjoy working with ammonia? Because it’s pretty basic stuff.

Have a nice weekend!

Simon (Minister of Chemistry)

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