Molecular Model Sets

We are happy to announce that we now have two different molecular model sets available at the Molecule Store.

The first molecule model set features 158 parts with carbon atoms with a diameter of 23 mm. This is great for any common organic molecules. It will cost you just $25 and comes in a handy little box with free worldwide shipping.

The second molecular model set features 620 parts and its carbon atoms have a diameter of just 9 mm. This model is for big organic and inorganic molecules and crystal structures like buckyball, diamond, sodium chloride and others. The molecule model set comes in a nice little box. It also costs you only $25 with free worldwide shipping!

Both sets offer single, double and triple bonds, and both come with special benzene carbons, so you don’t have to waste a lot of time constructing many bonds. We make and ship them directly from our factory in China.
If you have any questions which set would be the best for you, or if you need them in bulk or if you need bigger sets, write us an email, or leave a comment.

Check our beautiful and very educational molecule sets out now:

Molecular model set with 158 parts

Molecular model set with 620 parts



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