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Dear Chemistry Enthusiast

It’s been I while since we have sent the last newsletter. So here comes a really packed one 🙂
The reason we haven’t launched a newsletter for so long is that we were totally busy designing and testing awesome new chemistry products!
Our concept and ideology still haven’t changed, we are not launching any paid ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (follow us there for great daily molecule content, by the way) or Google and we donate 50% of our profits to science and education spreading charities! Yey!

That is also the reason we really need your help in spreading the word about our great chemistry and molecule t-shirts, phone cases, journals, tapestries and now (yes that’s kinda all new) shower curtains!
So please tell one or two friends, you think would enjoy our products, about us right now!
Thank you, it means the world to us!

So on to the big news. We have soooo many new products for you!

We have added new molecular model sets. We now have a nice range of 23 mm and 9 mm chemistry sets which should cover all your molecular model needs! They are great and come with free worldwide shipping! Click here to see our new molecule sets.

One of our best sellers “the periodic table of elements yoga leggings” got company. We have added matching periodic table leggings for men, a periodic table swimsuit, a beach towel, a periodic table shower curtain, a periodic table tapestry (huge thing!) and even a journal with the periodic table of elements on it!
We will (periodically) add more products with elements. Like our new unicorn t-shirt.
I almost forgot: we even have a freaking periodic table clock! You can find all our periodic table of elements products by clicking here.

We also started to sell phone cases with molecules on them. Check our molecule phone cases out here.
If you want your favorite molecule on any phone case just write us and we will add it.

Something else we are going to start soon are embroidered molecules on t-shirts! We are very excited about this, here is our first t-shirt in that collection: Serotonin Molecule T-Shirt Embroidered

Something entirely else is our new collection of microscopy images of crystals.
We have added citric acid crystals t-shirts and phone cases, and have reached out to artists to give us their most beautiful crystal images to print them on our things.
So if you are an artist and want to earn some cash with us, write us also (anything beautiful and 100% science will work for us)
You will get paid for each sold item and will remain holder of all your rights.
So stay ready for very beautiful and geeky crystal images on t-shirts, phone cases, bags etc. very soon!

I think that’s all for today (we only covered some of our new chemistry products). I hope you liked this chemical newsletter and see you soon!
Happy Chemistry

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